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FireAngel Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Pack Size: Each


Exc. VAT 12.49

Keep your home free of harmful carbon monoxide emissions with this alarm. Its advanced electrochemical sensor provides the highest level of CO detection to make sure you and your family stay protected. The FireAngel carbon monoxide alarm instantly reacts to dangerous levels and sounds a clear and loud warning alarm. You can use it in your house, caravan or boat to keep every occupant safe and sound.

For your convenience, the carbon monoxide detector is supplied with a tamper-proof battery pack that lasts about a year. You’ll know when to replace the batteries as a handy chirping signal warns you when they’re running low. Screws are supplied with the unit, so it’s quick and easy to mount on your wall. The case is made of durable plastic, so it will withstand accidental knocks.

Advanced electrochemical sensor detects unsafe levels of carbon monoxide

Loud, clear alarm alerts you instantly

Large test button and end-of-life alert keep you on top of battery usage

Wall-mountable for use at home

Portable for use in caravans, campers, motorhomes, boats and more

Use with 2x AA batteries (included)

Meets EU safety standards for carbon monoxide alarms







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