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Junction Box IP66

Pack Size: Each


Exc. VAT 4.14

Protect your wiring connections with this practical junction box. Use this unit when installing electrical cabling so that you can link wires together and shield the join from dust, dirt and moisture.

This case is enclosed so that any sparks that might occur due to a loose connection or short circuit are contained inside the casing, averting the risk of fire. This item has five 20 A connectors in the unit, so it’s handy for multiple wire connections. The outer box has seven 20 mm diameter screwed-entry knock-outs that easily accommodate your cabling. It’s rated IP66, meaning it’s waterproof against even strong jets of water. Plus, it’s dust resistant.

Includes 5-pole 20 A connector for multiple wire connections

Seven 20 mm screwed entry knock-outs on outer box

Dimensions of 102 x 102 x 56 mm

Smart grey casing keeps wires and connections enclosed

IP66 waterproof rating to protect it from the weather


102 x 102 x 56mm, 102 x 102 x 56mm Black



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