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This blue underground service pipe transports your cold water. It’s manufactured from medium density polyethylene (MDPE), which is designed to stay firm against the surface stress it receives underground. It can withstand up to 12 bar in pressure, giving you plenty of power for high-pressure water use.

This form of piping is commonly used to replace worn-down pipes, to provide a water supply to gardens, to run a new water main into the house or to reroute a mains supply. In addition to underground use, the pipe’s rigid yet bendable design makes it perfect for frames and fleece tunnels used to support nets over garden raised beds and vegetable patches.

This pipe has been approved by the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) so you know it’s suitable to carry household drinking water. It also conforms to the British Standard for pipe construction (BS 6572), ensuring it’s quality-checked and safe to use.

Blue underground cold water service pipe

Capable of withstanding up to 12 bar in pressure

MDPE material stays firm underground

WRAS-approved for use with drinking water

Conforms to BS 6572






20mm x 25m, 32mm x 25m, 25mm x 25m


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