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Pitacs 3 Core & Earth Cable (6243Y)

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If you’re installing electrical devices like two-way lighting, use this three core and earth cable by Pitacs. It’s suitable to use anywhere that you need permanent live cables as well as a neutral. You can also use this type of wiring in some central heating controllers or for timers on electric fans.

It has three cores plus an earth, so multiple cores may be live at any time depending on how your lighting system or other device works, and whether it is currently switched on. The wires are colour-coded in black, grey and brown so you can easily identify them when installing your wiring.

With the exception of the earth wire, they’re all covered in a tough, insulated PVC sheath to protect them. The cable is 10 m long, which gives you plenty of reach for your electrical tasks.

Three colour-coded cores for easy identification during installation

PVC insulated for extra protection

10 m coil gives you plenty of 1.5 mm cable to work with

Certified for quality and safety under BASEC (British Approval Scheme for Electrical Cables)

Manufactured to BS 6004




1.5mm2 x 10m Coil, 1.0mm2 x 10m Coil, 1.0mm2 x 50m Drum, 1.5mm2 x 50m Drum


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