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PROception HDMI Lead

Pack Size: Each


Exc. VAT 2.49

Transmit high-quality video, theatre quality sound and device commands seamlessly with this premium HDMI cable from PROception. The UHD (ultra-high-definition) cable supports all video formats up to 4K resolution, making it the ideal choice for the latest generation of set-top boxes, DVD players, gaming consoles, 3D TVs and other AV equipment.

This HDMI cable features an ethernet cable to enable high speed, bi-directional communication while making cable management simpler. This means you don’t need to connect separate ethernet cables between internet-enabled devices, say between your TV and Blu-ray player or Roku.

The cable has gold-plated contacts, so it won’t rust or corrode easily even after prolonged use. Plus, its PVC outer sheath is sturdy yet flexible so you can be assured of a long service life.

0.5 m lead length for tidier close connections

Supports transfer rates of up to 13.8 Gb/s at 30 Hz

Gold-plated connectors for extra strength and durability

Suitable for 3D TV and all HD resolutions up to 4k




0.5m v2.0, 1m v2.0, 3m v2.0, 7.5m v2.0, 5m v2.0, 10m v2.0

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