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Wessex LED A60 GLS Dimmable Bulb

Pack Size:5


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Choose this set of five LED bulbs from Wessex Electrical to light up your home, office or workshop. They produce a cool white light, which is ideal for a variety of interior spaces, including kitchens, bathrooms and even your study. What’s more, LED bulbs are an environmentally-friendly choice since they last a very long time and consume less energy than regular bulbs.

The bulbs generate a bright light at a wider angle, giving your interiors a clean, modern look. Plus, the crisp and clear illuminance is ideal for highlighting products in display aisles. Adjust the brightness using an LED-compatible dimmer switch until you get the exact mood you are looking for. These bulbs don’t flicker or produce noise even in dim-light conditions.

A classic GLS (General Lamp Service) shape means they can be used in any lamp shade or other common fixtures with ease. This makes the bulbs a good choice for replacing existing incandescent bulbs.

A classic GLS shape with ES cap

Average life of 25,000 hours

240° beam angle

Equivalent to 60W

Cool white 4000K light perfect for kitchens and bathrooms





Wessex Electrical


9W ES Cool White 806lm, 9W BC Warm White 806lm, 9W BC Cool White 806lm, 9W ES Warm White 806lm



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