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Ximax Boston Designer Radiator

Pack Size: Each


Exc. VAT 216.65

This vertically oriented designer radiator comes from the brand Ximax, who have dovetailed form and function to perfection. The radiator is adept at bringing warmth to your home while at the same time serving as a feature that will enhance your interior decor. The slim triangular tubes create an elegant look that will fit in well with any contemporary home. You’ll be able to enjoy its practical and visual benefits straight away too, as it’s a cinch to install and comes with wall fixings, a plug, and a vent all included.

The radiator is constructed from high-quality steel and its anthracite powder-coated gloss finish provides protection against corrosion and gives it a smart modern appearance. It’s suitable for use with hot water central heating systems.

The heat output is calculated at Delta T50, the European testing standard for modern boilers, which makes it easy to calculate the heat output of the radiator and figure out how well it will heat your living space. This radiator can be used with hot water up to a maximum temperature of 120°C meaning it can give out enough heat to warm the coldest of nights.

Slim triangular-shaped tubes give this radiator its designer status

Fits perfectly into any modern home

Suitable for hot water central heating systems

Steel construction with high quality pre-treatment and powder-coated finish

Easy to install

Pressure tested to 13 bar, with a maximum working pressure of 10 bar

Maximum working temperature of 120°C

Heat output calculated at Delta T50

Connection size: 1/2″

Projection from wall: 86 mm

Wall to centre: 41 mm

Dimensions are height x width

10-year manufacturer’s guarantee (T&Cs apply)

Wall fixings, plug & vent included

Manufactured and tested to EN-442




1800 x 300mm 2474Btu Anthracite, 1800 x 300mm 2474Btu White, 1800 x 450mm 3710Btu White, 1800 x 450mm 3710Btu Anthracite, 1800 x 300mm 3587Btu Duplex White, 1800 x 600mm 4945Btu Anthracite, 1800 x 450mm 5379Btu Duplex Anthracite, 1800 x 450mm 5379Btu Duplex White, 1800 x 600mm 4945Btu White, 1800 x 600mm 7171Btu Duplex Anthracite, 1800 x 600mm 7171Btu Duplex White



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